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What We Do

We offer several services, some of them are mentioned below:

Canine Training:

* Basic & Advance Obedience Puppy & Adult K9 temperament evaluation and testing.

(6-7wks Ideal for puppies)

* AKC’s CGC (Canine Good Citizen),AKC STAR(puppy marks lv), CGCA(advanced/community)CGCU (Urban) evaluations & Testing

* Specialized Training(S.A.R. Search & Rescue,Detection,Protection,Service,Sporting etc.)

Note: Must complete and graduate all Advance Obedience classifications for any specialized training or work dog training.

* Crate training, Agility training(sequence), Home manners, Home-training, Water sports fun & more.

All owners will be educated with their waggy family member.

Dog training classes

Canine Training

Canine Training

dog behavior specialist

Behavior Modification Therapy

Behavior Modification Therapy


* Resource guarding

* Barking Modification

* Negative Jumping

* Counter surfing

* Hierarchy establishment

* Negative marking

* Self rewarding behaviors

* Dog/Dog aggression(Analyse & Treat)

* Socialization(all aspects)

* Aggression’s

* Proper K9 management

* Behavior awareness Technics & therapy

* K9 Biological & Psychological management etc.

* Dedicated to properly applying LIMA strategy out of a set of humane and effective tactics likely to succeed in achieving a training or modifying behavior change objective.

* LIMA adherence also requires consultants to be adequately educated and skilled in order to ensure that the least intrusive and aversive procedure is used.

* Positive and humane behavior modification programs

So much more for you and your waggy family member to be waggy-tails happy together!


* Joint-Operations movements

* Advance Obedience movement

* Off-leash operations

* Off-leash command operations

* Free roaming control management

* Sporting reward sessions

* Crowd/Solo off-leash guide & control

* Finished leash defensive handling

* Proper walking management(On & Off leash) etc.

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Walking Train Sessions

Walking Train Sessions

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